10 Week Program

Are you ready to take your health and fitness to a whole new level?

Do you want to feel consistently stronger, leaner and faster?

If that’s a big YES then the AGOGA team of expert Coaches have got you covered! There’s no better way to transform your body and mind than by living like an athlete with fellow AGOGIAN’s in our 10 Week Program.

The next ‘Faster’ Program begins 29th May 2021

Successful goals start with a strong mindset, creating structure to your approach in training is where we start to understand the ‘how’ to your journey. The 10WP will support your goals by leaning out what doesn’t work and keep you accountable:

  • What have you tried? Identify previous diets / programs
  • Why didn’t it work? Be honest with yourself
  • Clear the history – Re-set your focus on the new plan
  • Trust the process – Be ‘unflinchingly loyal’

Why commit to the 10 Week PROGRAM?

It’s easy to get caught in the day to day grind of training achieving minimal results and where we start to see real results is when we have a set goal and create a timeline to achieve that goal.

We will help bring focus and accountability to your training, engrain habits and help you release endorphins to maintain that mental health to make you feel good!

That’s what the 10 week program is. It sets you up for success both physically and mentally to unleash your inner athlete to a stronger, healthier and happier you – the AGOGIAN Way!

What each program provides:

  • ‘Personal Best’ assessment weeks (every 8 weeks)
  • Increased cardio endurance, strength and energy
  • Improved mobility and physique
  • Highly qualified group coaching, support and motivation
  • Results focused with a personal goal setting workbook and training plan
  • Accountability check ins
  • Unlimited access to over 50 classes per week, variety of strength, cardio and yoga

Performance base testing:

  • Regular fitness and mobility tests
  • Regular accountability check-ins
  • Body composition tracking

Community support:

  • Nutritional support and education with Karen Aroney from ExecFuel, our resident Nutritionist
  • Friendly group training community
  • Online community support via private Facebook group
  • New friends and a whole lot of fun
  • Exclusive Community partner offers ie. ExecFuel nutrition, Nimbus infrared sauna, The Calmm massage therapists, Running Room physio’s, Juicedlife Bondi and other local offers

PLUS Exclusive training workshops to increase skill and performance, for eg:

  • Goal setting orientation
  • Nutritional education
  • Run coaching
  • Yoga, meditation + breath work
  • Progressive mobility
  • Injury prevention
  • Masterclasses and much more…

Hear what the past live like an athlete members have to say?

Are you ready to take the challenge? Investment in your health and fitness $89 per week for 10 weeks.

(or just an extra $10pw if you're an existing Unlimited member)


10 days Unlimited studio classes for $69!