Are you ready to take your health and fitness to a whole new level?

Do you want to feel consistently stronger, leaner and faster?

If that’s a big YES then the AGOGA team of expert Coaches have got you covered! There’s no better way to transform your body and mind than by living like an athlete with fellow AGOGIAN’s by following our 10 Week Protocol.

The 10 Week cycles begin in January, March, June, August and October each year – you can join in at anytime!

Successful goals start with a strong mindset. Creating structure to your approach in training is where you start to understand the ‘how’ to your journey. We will support your goals by leaning out what doesn’t work and keep you accountable:

  • Know where you are today – set a baseline
  • Know what you want – establish a goal
  • Know when you want it by – set a date
  • Be ‘unflinchingly loyal’ to the process

Why commit to the 10 Week Protocol?

Because our training methods are based on science and research. Our training blocks are built around 10 week mesocycles.

What is a mesocyle and why are they important?

Periodized training works on the concept of overload and adaptation. By stressing the body over time, allowing it to recover and then stressing it again, athletes can gradually build fitness. A mesocyle refers to a particular training block over a period of weeks. A typical periodised program links multiple training blocks over the length of a season to a full year. 


Research has shown the body reacts best to gradual stimulus over a time frame anywhere from 6-12 weeks before it plateaus. Depending on the sport or discipline, this 6-12 week cycle is where the stimulus is altered and challenged to ensure continued growth and increased fitness. At AGOGA, our optimal timeframe for this period (known as a mesocycle) is 10 weeks. This is split as follows:

  • Week 1: personal assessments / establishing benchmarks 
  • Week 2-9: four fortnightly phases, designed to highlight limitations to help build symmetrical movement patterns, establish functional strength, and gradually overload the body for adaptation (total of 8 weeks)
  •  Week 10: final assessment to goal test, where we review, re-evaluate and reset goals for the next cycle.

Whether training for an event or to improve your general quality of life, obtaining long term optimal health & fitness is achieved when linking multiple mesocycles over an extended period of time, in other words, keep up the consistency.

Always reviewing, re-evaluating and reseting new personal goals to see and feel continual growth – this is the AGOGIAN WAY!

What each cycle provides:

  • ‘Personal Best’ assessment weeks
  • Nutritional seminars and personal consultation
  • Regular fitness and mobility tests
  • Expert coaching support and accountability check-ins
  • Body composition tracking
  • Results focused with an online personal goal setting workbook and training plan
From the elite to the everyday athlete, the promise is the same, you will MOVE and FEEL better with increased:

And you will receive additional community support from:

  • Our resident Nutritionist Karen Aroney from ExecFuel
  • Our friendly group training community
  • Online community via private Facebook group
  • Exclusive Community partner offers ie. ExecFuel nutrition, Nimbus infrared sauna, The Calmm massage therapists, Running Room physio’s, Juicedlife Bondi and other local offers

PLUS Exclusive training workshops to increase skill and performance, for eg:

  • Goal setting orientation
  • Nutritional education
  • Yoga, meditation + breath work
  • Progressive mobility
  • Injury prevention
  • Masterclasses and much more

Hear what the past live like an athlete members have to say?

Are you ready to take the challenge? Investment in your health and fitness is $79 per week for 10 weeks.

(all inclusive to existing Unlimited members)