4 Common Food Mistakes – Are You Falling For Them?

4 Common Food Mistakes

Posted by Agoga on Wednesday, June 13, 2018


This week’s live video Q&A series is a goodie! Lib and Nic discuss 4 common food mistakes they come across when reviewing visual food journals for clients, with the outcome of helping to improve overall nutrition and health/performance.

In this chat, Libby and Nic cover:

1. Hidden sugars and questionable “healthy snacks”

You’d be surprised how many sauces and condiments, tubs of yoghurt, ‘diet’ products, protein bars and “healthy, natural” products are full of excess sugars and other not-so-healthy ingredients, resulting in calorie bombs that halt your progress. Even your daily coffee can be a major sugar hit, depending on how you take it! Lib and Nic go into more detail on this point and cover it right up-front.

2. Eating right for your energy needs

“How much food should I be eating?” This is a really common thing for people to become confused about…from eating too much or too little, to shifting your intake regularly to match your training output, general activity levels, or hormone cycle (for the ladies!).

3. Restricted eating followed by bingeing

We’re not talking well planned intermittent fasting here, but those “trying to be good” all day people that end up bingeing at night, or those who only eat veggies and chicken all week, just to go wild with takeaway food, booze and unlimited ‘treats’ all weekend! Sound familiar? Then listen up…

4. Not eating enough fresh produce

This sounds simple but it’s one of the most common food mistakes we see. Regardless of how careful you are to fill your diet with “clean” food products if you’re only eating one serve of veggies per day and one piece of fruit per week, there are a host of digestive issues and nutrition deficits that go along with that affecting metabolism, performance and overall health.

Hit play for all the details!

Keen to find out more about how your own food intake measures up? This is a service we regularly offer to our clients for a $99 all-inclusive fee. Email [email protected] with the subject line “Food Journal Please” and your best contact details, and Lib or Nic will be in touch!

Happy munching!

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Libby Babet

Libby is the founder of AGOGA. She is also the new trainer for Channel TEN’s "The Biggest Loser: Transformed," fitness expert for Women’s Fitness Magazine and 'entertrainer’ for the Hit Network. Libby also founded BUF Girls and Chief Bar.

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