5 Simple Nut-based Recipes


This month I’ve been taking on the Nuts For Life #nuts30days30ways challenge, which involves swapping a less saintly snack for a small handful of nuts every day throughout March. I thought I’d share these 5 easy to make nut recipes I’ve had on repeat, in the hope they might inspire our Agogian army to fuel up on all the good stuff.


Superfood trail mix

Grab a paper bag, add a handful of nuts of your choice (our favourites for trail mixes are almonds, walnuts and cashews), plus 5-10 goji berries and a sprinkle of dried, flaked or desiccated coconut. This is a really satisfying and healthy treat when afternoon cravings set in!


Homemade banana nut bars

For these you’ll need 2 bananas, 1 cup of oats and half a cup of your favourite nut butter (we suggest almond, cashew, or ABC butter. Peanut works too if you’re feeling like something richer). Simply combine all your ingredients well, then line a shallow tray with baking paper and cook at 200 degrees Celsius for about 15 minutes. Cool, slice and eat!

Hint: you might want to add a few extra crushed nuts such as gorgeous green and purple pistachios to the top for decoration.


Chicken and rice salad with nuts

Hangry? Fill a big bowl with seasonal salad greens and all the chopped, colourful veggies you love (we suggest choosing 2-3 of these; cucumber, red capsicum, broccoli, pumpkin, mushrooms, or cherry tomatoes). Add 100g-150g cooked and cubed chicken breast and stir through half a cup of wild, brown, or basmati rice. Sprinkle with a small handful of your favourite nuts (we love whole cashews and pecans) and some chopped mint, along with a generous drizzle of lemon juice.


Crushed nut yoghurt sundae

Use 100g of plain, Greek yoghurt as your base. Mix in 5-6 strawberries chopped up, then take about 10 nuts and crush them into small pieces, before adding them to the top of your sundae.


Nutty Apple Toppers

Slice up a green apple, then spread a thin layer of nut butter on top and sprinkle with a tiny bit of cinnamon and eat up! So easy, healthy, fibre-packed and delicious. I love almond butter, but use whatever spread you love – they’re all good!


Want to be as nutty as me?

Take up the challenge! Swap one of your more sinful snacks for a small handful of nuts throughout March and see how you feel by the end. You can win a stack of prizes by sharing your nutty creations on social media with the hashtag #nuts30days30ways


Libby Babet

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