AGOGA Customer Reviews

We are absolutely committed to delivering the best Agogian experience and ask for regular feedback to make sure this happens. The following comments have been submitted by our customers and, in the interest of transparency, no unfavorable comments have been removed.

The training, the trainers, the vibe, the people that train, the location and space. You really the vibe and real training atmosphere going on! Everybody is just focused on being a better athlete, no bullshit. I really like how training in AGOGA takes care of your body and focuses on improving all aspects of your training.

Great workout. John is a fantastic trainer, builds interesting and challenging workouts, and is always on hand to make sure you’re using the best and safest techniques. If you want to challenge yourself in a fun and upbeat environment then 100% come on down to Agoga!

John is such a great instructor. He explains the workout so clearly and then constantly helps improve technique. Great class- I will be sore tomorrow!

The trainers are fantastic and full of energy. They are very motivating and very knowledgeable. I love going to Agoga!!

Always such a great class! Emma is also super motivating and knowledgeable.

I love that you know you will get absolutely smashed (in a good way!!) and pushed to your limits. Just an awesome class and John is an absolute legend

Em is dynamite!

I’ve never felt out of place, even though I’m nearly double the age of most that go there. The knowledge all your staff are happy to share there knowledge. There’s no such thing as a silly question (but I’m sure I’ve asked some) It’s like a happy family that all are welcome to be brothers & sisters of. Even the staff you can’t see (you know who you are) are helpful when needed. Love you guys! You’re stuck with me!

Really personable trainers. Friendly environment. Fun, dynamic and interesting classes which all have a theme… a really cool workout. Have already recommended friends at work to come along.

The focus on keeping every session, every move and experience different and entertaining. I love your focus on people and community. It keeps everyone motivated. Thanks guys for being awesome. Keep up the themes and varied sessions.

The people, the community, the dynamic workouts and the dedication to providing the clients with the BEST service, knowledge and advice in the industry.

An amazing workout with excellent staff who are knowledgable about the workout and friendly.

I love the small classes, the variety the way the trainers know your name. I love the way I have emailed trainers for tips and they are happy to share their knowledge. I think I have tried out the majority of gyms in Sydney now and without a doubt, Agoga is the best gym I have experienced. It is more than a gym, it is a community 🙂

Love the classes and the attention to detail. The energy is great and the instruction is excellent. Love the fact that you guys know the strengths and weaknesses of your clients.

Besides the great classes and friendly and helpful trainers, your flexibility with putting holds and resuming membership is really important to me. It’s something a lot of other gyms will not do and therefore I would not go to them. I appreciate that flexibility and ease.

Friendly and relaxed environment which welcomes newbies and has a great mix of exercises. Definitely one of the best group training sessions I’ve been to.

Staff were very welcoming. Atmosphere among other people was encouraging and not intimidating.

I have never liked any training system, UNTIL I met the Agoga team. The best instructors in Australia with the most exciting and innovative training. They guys and girls change the program weekly and keep it interesting. Functional patterns is the future of training and Agoga is the leading edge.

The AGOGA method pushes me intensely, I enjoy all the cardio! Also I like using the equipment: TRX, vipers, resistance bands etc. And lastly the creative workouts provide muscle confusion but based on functional movement.

AGOGA has absolutely changed my approach to fitness and health and the overall way I live life. I’ve always been sporty and was training as a professional dancer at one point at the age of 19 and 20. Ive also had a few injuries along the way. I can say that 10 years later, since I found myself at Agoga, Ive never been fitter, stronger, leaner… but most importantly, I’ve also never been healthier or felt so good. The Knowledge that Libby and her staff so generously impart is equalled by the quality of her classes. Once you start, you just can’t stop.
One thing in particular that keeps me going back is the level of detail and challenge the classes offer. They constantly push the physical and mental limits with variation, skill and not to mention fun! An abundance of talent and positive community is what I really believe sets this place apart.

Everything! I’ve been going here for just over 1 year now and have felt and seen my body progress the entire time. Functional fitness that really does make a difference to how I move and carry myself. Incredibly knowledgable trainers and new sessions every week keep me coming back for more, this gym will change your life!

The standard of training is world class with no two classes being the same or repetitive. The trainers are motivating, always professional and passionate about what they do. Agoga is unlike anywhere I’ve trained before, a true thought leader in the fitness space.

I recently celebrated my 1 year ‘Agogaversary’ and I am still absolutely in love with the place. The functional style of resistance and HIIT training is fun, absorbing and has improved my fitness so much! I have always loved exercising, but now it has become a bit of an addiction… It helps that the trainers are so much fun, knowledgable and friendly. Finally, I am currently in the process of looking for a home to buy… and Agoga is a big part of why I’m focusing my search to Bondi!

Agoga provides everything I need across two or three classes rather than me having to worry about all the different aspects of training I’d need to accomplish in a week. The classes have the focus and guidance of personal training but with the added motivation of other members.

I’d been looking at this slick looking gym exterior for a couple of months before I finally got the balls to go in. As I entered I sheepishly looked around at the group of people all rhythmically doing battle with various apparatus, all performing different moves yet knowing exactly what they should be doing next… As a non gym goer, I was a tad apprehensive that this environment could handle my lack of coordination and non existent fitness. However, I was immediately greeted first by a smiley Jesse and then shortly after by the welcoming Libby, who when I asked my dumb questions… ‘Is it as intimidating as it looks, how would it cater for the unfit and uncoordinated like myself, who would pick me up when I fell off the tread mill etc etc…’ both quickly put me at ease and talked me through the program. I’ve now been going for six months and I am a convert, I love it. I’ve always previously got bored in gyms but each week the sessions are switched up, broken down and given an interesting/creative narrative, all set to some great music to keep you going when inside (or in my case at least) you just want to collapse on the floor in exhaustion! The team there are awesome, all the trainers are so friendly and really encouraging, despite my misplaced preconceptions, its a really welcoming environment. My fitness is so much better, I can now squat with the best of them and well let’s just say the lack of coordination is a work in progress!

I love all of the class structures…there is really something for everyone. Every week the classes are different so your body can NEVER get used to anything (in other words, your body and mind is always challenged!) I would recommend Agoga to people because it is like personal training in a fun and motivating group setting. I always feel safe…all of the trainers know what they are doing and really look after everyone.

Very thorough and well informed trainers provide extensive insight and guidance into achieving a healthier lifestyle, in both fitness and nutritional choices. After only a week with Agoga I have made multiple small changes that everybody can afford to do to my everyday eating and the way I work out, I am already feeling significant results in that I feel more energized and balanced throughout the day!

Excellent training programs, friendly knowledgeable trainers who have amazing fitness skills and inspire, trainers who are energetic enthusiastic and friendly with a great attitude, great atmosphere, very intense programs but can be tailored to suit different levels which the trainers skilfully manage, down to earth attitude despite being elite training, cool dark and clean environment.

I honestly tell everyone I know how much I’m loving each and every session! I feel I can push myself harder and harder with each class. Exactly what I’ve been looking for. I feel like an athlete again, thank you!