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Welcome to AGOGA Academy!

Posted by Agoga on Wednesday, 27 June 2018


This week we’re welcoming the all-new AGOGA Academy to the timetable! This is your fortnightly masterclass in movement. Whether you’re a newcomer or a seasoned athlete, we’ve designed these workshops to help you master key movement patterns, right down to the intricacies, so you can get more from your workouts, keep your body balanced and take your athletic performance to the next level!

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Do you REALLY need to warm up and cool down?

training warm up - cool down

The topic for this week’s live video Q&A series, where we answer questions coming directly from our community of Agogian athletes, is about whether you REALLY need to warm up and cool down before/after your workouts. Click PLAY to hear our opinion on the topic – we hope you enjoy it!

In this chat, Libby and Nic cover:

  • Are warm ups and cool downs just a bonus, or integral to your workout?
  • The reasons you might want to consider specifically making time to warm up
  • Static or dynamic movement?
  • The simple steps to go through for an effective warm up
  • Mental prep – is it a thing for your everyday workouts?
  • How to cool down effectively
  • Why it’s worth spending those extra few minutes chilling out before you leave the gym
  • Bonus tip: cool downs can boost your digestive and metabolic health too!

Strength or cardio… what’s the right balance for you?

Facebook Live 3rd May - Strength or Cardio

The topic for this week’s live video Q&A series is all about that age-old debate of strength VS cardio and what a good, balanced week of training looks like if your goals are increased health, strength and fitness.

In this chat, Libby and Nic cover:

  • What is strength?
  • What is cardio conditioning?
  • Do you have a specific strength or cardio goal?
  • How to structure your week if your goal is general physical preparedness
  • Programming for 1-2 times per week
  • Programming for a more extensive training week of 3, 4, or more sessions
  • Where does general movement like walking fit in?

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AGOGA’s Speed & Strength Standards


AGOGA training provides a platform for our everyday athletes to continually improve their athleticism. From running speed and vertical pressing, to pulling strength and hinge movement capabilities, there’s always room for improvement. From untrained newbies to renowned Olympians, we’re each on a journey to becoming the best version of ourselves. To help you along your health & fitness journey, your AGOGA coaches have prepared a set of speed and strength standards to serve as a reference point for your training. Here we go!

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Finish Winter Feeling Like An Athlete

The warmth is returning to the air and with a few weeks left of the Aussie winter, now’s the time to prepare your body for an epic spring/summer season of training.

But you’ve got to be smart about it. Don’t just dive in headfirst and overdo it, plan your return so you path the way for an illness and injury-free return to optimum fitness.

Here are a few tips to make sure your game is strong, you get up every time that alarm goes off, and you finish winter feeling like an athlete, with a body to match.

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FREE Posture & Functional Movement Workshop + How to Activate Your Core

anatomy, muscles isolated on white

AGOGA sessions always include functional training which covers the practice of correct movement patterns applicable in various activities with the aim of developing our clients’ smooth movement with good dynamic stability and posture (not to forget improvements in conditioning, strength, mobility, body awareness and athleticism). This functional training necessitates practising integrated and multi-planar movements with correct engagement of the core and alignment of the spine.

Want to learn more? We’ve got you covered.

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