How does training really affect your health?

AGOGIANS, it’s been a while between posts but the exciting news is we’re back and live! Just in time for World Health Day this Saturday (7th April) – watch our live chat with Libby and Nic talking about how staying active affects your overall health.

In this chat the guys cover:

  • What staying fit really means to your Agoga trainers
  • Why moving your body is so critical to keeping your energy up
  • The part a balanced program plays in managing your health
  • Why progression in your training is so important
  • The simple ABC principle you can use to stay on track

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AGOGA’s Speed & Strength Standards


AGOGA training provides a platform for our everyday athletes to continually improve their athleticism. From running speed and vertical pressing, to pulling strength and hinge movement capabilities, there’s always room for improvement. From untrained newbies to renowned Olympians, we’re each on a journey to becoming the best version of ourselves. To help you along your health & fitness journey, your AGOGA coaches have prepared a set of speed and strength standards to serve as a reference point for your training. Here we go!

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Finish Winter Feeling Like An Athlete

The warmth is returning to the air and with a few weeks left of the Aussie winter, now’s the time to prepare your body for an epic spring/summer season of training.

But you’ve got to be smart about it. Don’t just dive in headfirst and overdo it, plan your return so you path the way for an illness and injury-free return to optimum fitness.

Here are a few tips to make sure your game is strong, you get up every time that alarm goes off, and you finish winter feeling like an athlete, with a body to match.

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Infrared Saunas – The New Kind of Sweat

Nimbus & Co 2


AGOGA has a new neighbour, and if you’ve been into the studio lately there’s a good chance you’ve heard us raving about our new friends at Nimbus & Co. When you need to take a break, relax and recover from the distress that sometimes creeps into our lives (remember, we love eustress!), a great way to dedicate some time to you is by visiting a sauna. Luckily for the AGOGA community, partners Su and Neil have recently launched Nimbus & Co, a tranquil infrared sauna and wellness studio literally across the road from AGOGA.

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Beyond The Beers

BTB fb eventLooking after your health requires more than maintaining the physical body; we also need to ensure we’re looking after our mental health. Regardless of gender, age, cultural or socio-economic background, anyone may be affected by poor mental health at some stage in their life. When it comes to men, many find it difficult to share their difficult experiences with others, and adhere to misguided and outdated notions of masculinity by simply ‘manning up’ or sweeping their struggles under the carpet.

The Movember Foundation points out that 1 in 2 Australian men have had a mental health problem at some point in their life, and 1 in 8 men will experience depression in their lifetime. Starting a conversation is often the best first step to seeking support and guidance. To kick start our own conversation, AGOGA is thrilled to welcome Mike Campbell, Man Coach and author of Amazon #1 best seller Unleash Your Alpha, whose mission is to challenge the current model of masculinity to help men get more out of life.

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Top coaches that have inspired us


Fitness and sporting coaches play a critical role in the development of individual and team conditioning, athletic and sporting skill sets, mindset development, goal-setting and so much more. From school sports instructors and personal trainers to Olympic coaches and martial arts mentors, we all benefit from these specialists’ ideas, guidance, protocols and experience.

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Top 10 Trekking Adventures


I am completely obsessed with getting off the beaten track and into nature, so this blog is a little hit of inspiration based on some of the adventures I’ve taken, plus some I’d really like to. Just in case March has you feeling in need of a hit of wanderlust. Do yourself a favour and Google every one of these to check out some breathtaking images!

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