How to get bigger muscles


At AGOGA we tend to talk about lot about how to get leaner but over the past few weeks I’ve been teaching a lot of Stronger classes and I’ve realised that just as many of you want to know about how to get bigger. Let me start by saying that the right nutrition is always a critical part of the equation and getting bigger is no different. If you get it wrong you won’t get results no matter how hard you train.

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10 Things to Know About Training and Alcohol

hydrate with magaritas
Lately, a few of our (not naming names) fitness devotees have been arriving to training with the boozin’ blues. At face value, someone with a hangover seems perfectly capable of completing a tough workout and generally admits to feeling better by the end of it, believing (as we all do) that they’re better off up at the gym burning calories than sitting at home on the couch feeling miserable about last night’s alcohol-induced antics.

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Do You Really Need Supplements?

There’s an endless list of nutrition and sports performance supplements on the market and most of them claim pretty miraculous results. If you believe the marketing, you could build muscle, lose fat, improve energy, train harder and run faster, just by popping a few pills.

The problem is, a lot of supplements have never been scientifically proven to actually work, and some can actually harm your body by creating hormonal imbalances and loading you up with artificial sweeteners, colours, preservatives, chemicals and other nasties.

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The Truth About Soy

Do you ask for a soy cappuccino instead of the full-cream-milk version because you think it’s healthier? Can you explain why? Probably not… Don’t feel bad about it. Most of us were mislead to believing that soy milk is better than regular milk, tofu is better then cheese and soy yoghurt is better than regular yoghurt. We were told that replacing animal milk products with soy will help prevent a heart disease and menopausal symptoms and help us lose weight.

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Fat Is Not The Enemy

A new study from the Netherlands has found that replacing saturated fats in your diet, like those from healthy grass-fed beef, raw organic butter, and other high-quality animal foods, with carbohydrates like bread, bagels, pasta, rice and doughnuts will increase your risk of heart disease.

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6 Things You Need to Know About Carbs

Recently a lot of clients have been asking me about carbohydrates – it seems we’re a pretty confused bunch when it comes to this macronutrient and are not quite sure about how many carbs we should be eating per day, which type are “OK” and at what time of the day it’s a good idea to chow down on your favourite comfort carb – if indeed there is any good time at all!

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8 Ways to Stop Feeling Bloated

A bloated belly really sucks. It makes you feel crappy and can be pretty painful, even embarrassing for those who really suffer badly from it. What’s worse, for athletes who get stuck with a bloated belly on competition day, it can really hinder performance.

Today, we take a look at some of the major bloating culprits in the hope you can reduce discomfort and rock a flat belly more often. Read on, do a little self diagnosis, implement change and reap the benefits!

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7 Post Easter Detox Tips

Food, glorious food! Processed meats, yellow cheese, chocolate, chips, cakes, cookies, chocolate, bread, cereals, tinned foods, frozen meals, chocolate, fat free dairy, protein bars, energy drinks, alcohol, chocolate… this list could go forever! Walking into any grocery store these days you could be forgiven for thinking that food grew in plastic packets and came out brighter than your Saturday night underpants…

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What is your ideal diet?

Our athletes are always asking us what to eat to optimise performance. While there are certain rules specific kinds of athletes need to follow to help with race prep and recovery, when it comes to the bulk of your diet, the answer is always to include whatever foods make your body feel best and to avoid those that make you feel sluggish, bloated, heavy, or downright unwell!

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