Train Like An Athlete

All classes are based on the methods of athletes, coaches and scientific strategies from around the world.

Expect to do workouts from the diaries of people like Usain Bolt, Cathy Freeman, Bruce Lee and Michael Cheika (coach of the Wallabies)! Each week is different to keep your body progressing and your mind engaged.

Each type of class is specifically designed to achieve different goals with your body. We highly recommend mixing up your routine to include more than one type of class to stay in balance and challenge yourself in different ways.

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I love training at AGOGA! The trainers are awesome and correct form which doesn’t happen at other gyms. Most of all, I love the people! It’s a great community and culture, no egos.
– Corey Oliver, Bondi Lifeguard (Bondi Rescue)

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Full body conditioning, designed to burn serious calories.


High intensity intervals to amp up your metabolism and develop power, balance and agility.


Functional movement patterns to shape your body. Build lean muscle and increase tone.


Based upon our very own training methodology, combining plyometrics, strength and high intensity cardio.


A range of specialist classes catering to those with specific goals. Varied from season to season. Includes Girls, Core and more.


Get your nature hit with running/cardio/interval training and boxing depending on the time of year. Most outdoor classes are included free with any membership.