Outdoor & Partners

Our Outdoor & PartnerPlus classes provide our Members with additional training options beyond the AGOGA studio. From running and boxing to pilates and restorative yin yoga – we’ve got a class to fit your needs.


Improve your running to perform at your very best.

It’s time to improve your running technique and efficiency; this Outdoor class is perfect for runners of all levels, so prepare to skill-up.

We’ll focus on improving your running technique which boosts your running economy, your overall body control as well as your stamina. Using a combination of running intervals, continuous running, technique drills and core training, you’ll learn to control the movement of your legs, core and upper body which gives you the ability to run FASTER and LONGER while using less energy.


INTENSITY: Medium to high intensity

EXERCISES: Sprint drills & middle distance running


Our own uniquely structured boxing for fitness class at Waverley Park.

A mix of simple, high intensity boxing drills designed to teach you correct technique and then put it to use to boost cardio, speed and strength-endurance. You don’t need to have boxed before to do this class, it’s a pure cardio HIIT and will help you blast stress fast.

REPS/WEIGHT: High-rep, explosive drills and pad work

INTENSITY: High intensity anaerobic intervals with active recovery

EXERCISES: Boxing and functional bodyweight movements


We’ve partnered with the Bondi experts.

Want to complement your high-intensity and strength training at AGOGA? Members have access to our PartnerPlus pilates and Yin at PEACHES Pilates. Accommodating all experience levels, our PartnerPlus classes have got you covered!