AGOGA Outdoor

Get your nature hit! Includes running/cardio/interval training and boxing depending on the time of year. Most outdoor classes are included free with any membership.


Our own uniquely structured boxing for fitness class at Waverley Park.

A mix of simple, high intensity boxing drills designed to teach you correct technique and then put it to use to boost cardio, speed and strength-endurance. You don’t need to have boxed before to do this class, it’s a pure cardio HIIT and will help you blast stress fast.

REPS/WEIGHT: High-rep, explosive drills and pad work

INTENSITY: High intensity anaerobic intervals with active recovery

EXERCISES: Boxing and functional bodyweight movements


High intensity cardio intervals in the great outdoors.

Meeting at the gym, in this outdoor class we’ll be taking you for a run around the streets, parks and beach of Bondi. The class will vary between endurance and interval work to mix up your running sessions and improve your stride.


INTENSITY: Medium to high intensity

EXERCISES: Sprint/middle distance run drills