AGOGA Specialist

A range of specialist classes designed to satisfy all your specific training needs


5 stations. 5 rounds. This is circuit training at its very best.

This 30-minute session will have you moving non-stop through a challenging 5 x 5 circuit – 5 compound exercise stations, each for 45s work and 15s rest, 5 times through, non-stop. Just like the Spartans, fighters and elite athletes of old, it’s all about full body, strength-endurance work to increase metabolic fitness, athleticism and test your mental fortitude.

REPS/WEIGHT: A mixture of strength protocols and conditioning movements

INTENSITY: High intensity anaerobic intervals with active recovery

EXERCISES: Resistance exercises using dumbbells, kettlebells, TRX, bodyweight (and more!) coupled with speedy metabolic stations that will challenge your conditioning


A gym class designed specifically for the female body. Burn fat, create tone and lift your butt!

Women have very specific goals when it comes to training. They want flat tummies, perky butts and lean, toned limbs, so this class is designed specifically to support those goals. Targeted toning exercises, core training and guided cardio intervals combine to create your perfect body and a motivating soundtrack adds a little fun to the mix!

REPS/WEIGHT: Lighter weights and high repetition bodyweight exercises

INTENSITY: Medium to high intensity

EXERCISES: Targeted floor exercises and a combination of BOSU, TRX, cables and free weights, plus treadmill cardio intervals


Our own uniquely structured boxing for fitness class.

A mix of simple, high intensity boxing drills designed to teach you correct technique and then put it to use to boost cardio, speed and strength-endurance. You don’t need to have boxed before to do this class, it’s a pure cardio HIIT and will help you blast stress fast.

REPS/WEIGHT: Explosive bodyweight and pad work

INTENSITY: High intensity anaerobic intervals with active recovery

EXERCISES: Shadow boxing, partner pad drills, technique practise and metabolic challenges


Tabata training, redefined!

20:10 is AGOGA’s Tabata-style high intensity interval training class, where each 20:10 sequence consists of 20s of super high-intensity exercise, followed immediately by 10s of active recovery. Whether it’s 4min rounds, multi-station challenges, or even a 20-min super circuit (to name a few options!), this class will push your body to its absolute limit.

REPS/WEIGHT: High repetition, light weights, full body explosive exercises

INTENSITY: Very high intensity anaerobic intervals with active recovery

EXERCISES: Multi-plane movement using bodyweight, cables, TRX and treadmills