AGOGA Specialist

A range of specialist classes designed to satisfy all your specific training needs


5 stations. 5 rounds. This is circuit training at its very best.

This 30-minute session will have you moving non-stop through a challenging strength and conditioning circuit. With 4-5 compound stations, each for typically 45s work and 15s rest, 5-6 times through, non-stop. Just like the Spartans, fighters and elite athletes of old, it’s all about full body, strength-endurance work to increase metabolic fitness, athleticism and test your mental fortitude.

REPS/WEIGHT: A mixture of strength protocols and conditioning movements

INTENSITY: High intensity anaerobic intervals with active recovery

EXERCISES: Resistance exercises using dumbbells, kettlebells, TRX, bodyweight (and more!) coupled with speedy metabolic stations that will challenge your conditioning


Welcome to AGOGA’s Alactic + Aerobic interval training class

Also known as ‘Anti-Glycolytic training’, this class consists of 10-12s of powerful, high-intensity movements coupled with up to 60s of recovery. Burst, and recover! Fight, and recharge!

By decreasing the work periods and increasing the rest periods, you’ll:

  1. improve high-power movements via the anaerobic alactic (phosphocreatine) system, PLUS
  2. develop the aerobic system while recharging alactic power stores for the next burst of intensity.

REPS/WEIGHT: A mixture of bodyweight and loaded explosive movements lasting 10-12s. This is about power!

INTENSITY: Maximal intensity (but with plenty of rest!)

EXERCISES: Explosive exercises including Echo Bike, Woodway Dead-tread, ketttlebell ballistics and bodyweight plyometrics


Our own uniquely structured boxing for fitness class.

A mix of simple, high intensity boxing drills designed to teach you correct technique and then put it to use to boost cardio, speed and strength-endurance. You don’t need to have boxed before to do this class, it’s a pure cardio HIIT and will help you blast stress fast.

REPS/WEIGHT: Explosive bodyweight and pad work

INTENSITY: High intensity anaerobic intervals with active recovery

EXERCISES: Shadow boxing, partner pad drills, technique practise and metabolic challenges