AGOGA Signature

This class is based upon our very own training methodology, combining plyometrics, strength and high intensity cardio.

In AGOGA Signature we work through all of your energy systems – creatine phosphate, anaerobic and aerobic – to build strength, ensure maximum fat burn and work on your athletic performance. Expect 1 min of plyometrics, 7 min of strength work, 15 min of cardio, then back to your 7 min of strength and finish with 1 min of plyo. Prepare to be challenged!

AGOGA Signature is the ultimate mix of training techniques inspired by the world’s best athletes. So, if you want to find out how the pros stay in top shape, then come on down to the next AGOGA Bondi Signature class to find out!


INTENSITY: High intensity

EXERCISES: Full body, advanced movement patterns using a variety of equipment