Corporate Health

AGOGA offers a range of Corporate Health and Fitness services that can be delivered in the AGOGA studio or at your office.

Group Fitness or Yoga

Have one of Sydney’s best personal trainers or yoga teachers take your team through a one off or regular training session. Group sessions are loads of fun and great for team building, particularly for teams who might be a little shy or reserved.

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Health and Fitness Consultations

Healthy workers are productive workers. With our Health and Fitness Consultations for corporates, one of our Health Coaches can spend the day (or longer if required), working one of one with each of your team to assist with their nutrition and exercise plans. It’s an initial one hour session, with a follow-up session after 4 weeks to make sure they’re on track to achieve their goals. Ongoing Virtual PT services are also available for those who’d like ongoing support.

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Online Programs

Our online programs are brilliant for team building. They not only improve health and work performance, but they get their teams talking about things other than work (like recipes and workouts) is proven to have a strong impact on culture. Essentially they bring people closer together by giving them a shared interest that isn’t an awkward team building exercise. Everyone likes to eat right!

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