The Friday Finisher

Welcome to your quick-fire, end of week update with a few bite-sized bullet points covering what we’re learning about and loving in three areas: fitness, nutrition and mindset. One bullet from each trainer, a little nugget of health and fitness gold.

FITNESS: Vee is ready to run!

When it comes to running, we all know that Vee is the guru 😉 With Sydney’s winter running season about to hit full swing, now’s the perfect time to work on your running technique and take advantage of Vee’s knowledge, experience and pro tips. Whether you’re prepping for the City2Surf or the Blackmores Running Festival, we’ve got the perfect booster for your running; come join Vee at the AGOGA Running Clinic on Saturday 16 July from 10am-1pm, starting at Waverley Park and finishing up at AGOGA.

All participants will have an individual video analysis of their running technique, learn about ideal running form and corrections for common issues, participate in running drills and strength training, as well as practising effective warming-up/down, stretching and myofascial release work. At only $109 per person, this is an invaluable workshop for anyone looking to supercharge their running. Book here to secure your spot!

NUTRITION: Libby’s giving you what you want (again!) with Part 2 of the AGOGA Trainer Snack Series

Last week you got the first dozen, and this week you get the follow-up baker’s dozen of Lib’s go-to super simple and delicious snacks. There are even a few naughty-but-nice options this week!

  1. Fresh strawberries or raspberries with a bit of real cream (yes, it’s got the tick of approval!)
  2. Home made green smoothie: Passion Projects or NuZest greens + baby spinach + water + avocado + frozen banana + a little almond or coconut milk + chia seeds
  3. Fresh salmon sashimi
  4. ‘Pana’ chocolate – any that tickles your fancy! It’s so good and full of healthy fats too
  5. Grated carrot + grated fresh beetroot + a little grated cheese (trust us!)
  6. Steamed greens drizzled with tahini
  7. Warm mug of bone broth
  8. Warm mug of coffee with a little whole milk or coconut milk (in moderation!) – we also love Coffee Not Coffee, it’s weaker and with added superfoods to help your adrenals stay healthy – there’s also a coffee free cacao version! We sell this one in the gym alongside the protein powders, so ask us about it
  9. Seeded crackers with sliced banana and nut butter (this one isn’t for the weight loss crowd but it’s a great post-workout pick-me-up for the hard gainers!)
  10. Piece of sprouted bread with ricotta and strawberries – and a drizzle of honey if you dare 😉
  11. Celery sticks with hummus and sliced black olives in the grooves (so good!)
  12. Dark chocolate nut clusters. Make small groups of nuts like pistachio, melt super dark chocolate and pour over clusters, refrigerate until stuck together!
  13. Sweet potato fries (literally slice sweet potato, drizzle with coconut oil, bake in pre-heated over for 15-20 mins) with chipotle yoghurt; 2 tablespoons Greek yoghurt, stir in half a teaspoon of chipotle sauce

MINDSET: Nic is enjoying this quote…

“Absorb what is useful, discard what is useless, and add what is uniquely your own.”

— Bruce Lee

Thanks for reading Agogians! Have a fantastic weekend, and we’ll see you in the studio.

Nic Mendoza-Jones

Nic is AGOGA’s functional strength specialist. He’s known for his obsessive research (comes from being an ex lawyer) and self-experimentation with innovative and alternative training methods including kettlebells, Indian clubs and ‘gada’ steel maces.

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