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Welcome to your quick-fire, end of week update with a few bite-sized bullet points covering what we’re learning about and loving in three areas: fitness, nutrition and mindset. One bullet from each trainer, a little nugget of health and fitness gold.


FITNESS: Libby wants you to build up your brain muscles

Don’t worry, we didn’t fall asleep in anatomy, we know lifting dumbbells won’t literally grow your brain size BUT new research has found that different kinds of training affect and improve different parts of your brain.

Check out the full article HERE or if you’re short on time, here’s an elevator summary of the findings:

  • Strength training = Prefrontal cortex
    Outcome = Complex problem solving, reasoning, multi-tasking
  • Cardio training = Hippocampus
    Outcome = Improved memory
  • Sports drills/skills = Basal ganglia, parietal lobe, cerebellum, prefrontal cortex
    Outcome = Attention, inhibition, visual-spacial processing, switching between tasks
  • Yoga/stretching = Frontal lobe, Insula, Amygdala
    Outcome = Integrates thoughts & emotions, regulates fear and anxiety
  • High intensity intervals = Hypothalamus
    Outcome = Appetite regulation


NUTRITION: Vee has a youthful trick

Vee loves all things anti aging, so her tidbit this week is about one of the most important vitamins which helps prevent premature aging… good old vitamin C!

Vit C is a potent antioxidant which defends our bodies against free radicals meaning our tissues are protected from oxidative stress. It also acts as a co-factor in collagen formation (less collagen equals more wrinkles, cellulite and saggy skin) and in carnitine, adrenalin and serotonin synthesis. PLUS it plays role in drug detoxification, promotes iron absorption, blocks the formation of cancerous nitrosamines and helps us cope with physical stresses (infections, burns, medications, smoking etc).

But before you start popping vit C tablets, keep in mind that an excessive intake will make you run more than you wish… to the bathroom! (Thanks for that one Vee.)

It’s easy to cover your intake by eating lots of fresh fruits and veggies. Just one daily serve of red capsicum, kiwi fruit, strawberries, broccoli or brussels sprouts will cover your recommended daily intake unless you are ill, stressed or recovering from surgery. Just make sure you eat your veggies fresh as oxygen and prolonged cooking destroys vit C.


MINDSET: Nic has started his meditation journey

Having being recommended the free 1 Giant Mind app, Nic has begun a 12-day guided journey to learn how to use meditation to feel happier, more energised and less stressed. We know you’re skeptical that Nic could become even more energetic in the studio, but it’s worth a shot yeah? After the initial 12-day guidance, the next step will be attempting the 1 Giant Mind 30-Day meditation challenge, and from there hopefully making meditation/mindfulness practice an ongoing daily habit.

Feel like you’d like to reduce stress, increase energy and self-awareness, and have greater focus and clarity? Give 1 Giant Mind a go 😉


Thanks for reading Agogians! Have a fantastic weekend, and we’ll see you in the studio.

Nic Mendoza-Jones

Nic is AGOGA’s functional strength specialist. He’s known for his obsessive research (comes from being an ex lawyer) and self-experimentation with innovative and alternative training methods including kettlebells, Indian clubs and ‘gada’ steel maces.

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