The Friday Finisher

Welcome to your quick-fire, end of week update with a few bite-sized bullet points covering what we’re learning about and loving in three areas: fitness, nutrition and mindset. One bullet from each trainer, a little nugget of health and fitness gold.

FITNESS: Lib is werkin’ it outdoors 

Outdoor workouts have SO many incredible benefits and often they challenge your body a lot more too (hint: that means quicker results!). To complement your AGOGA training (of course!), plan a few outdoor training sessions each week including experimenting with new walk or run trails out in nature on the weekends. There’s no better time of year to hit the mountain tracks, take looonnnggg walks in the sunshine, or create your own ‘gym’ in a local park. Out of ideas? Try 30 seconds on each of these bodyweight moves, 2 rounds through!

  • Starjumps
  • Alternating single leg hip raises
  • Push-ups
  • Reverse lunges
  • Plank
  • Forward lunges with rotation
  • Tricep dips
  • Fast squats
  • Lateral skaters or lateral 5m run/touchdowns (depends on space!)
  • Burpees with BIG jumps
  • High knee runs
  • Transverse mountain climbers
  • Lunge jumps with push-up after every 6 reps
  • Side plank (15s/side)

NUTRITION: Nic’s got a cleansing call-out!

The time has come to say goodbye to winter, and hello to AGOGA’s Spring Detox Project. We’re excited to announce we’ve teamed up with our friends at Passion Projects to bring to you a premium greens + protein based cleanse (vegan friendly) to reset and recharge your body before we hit summer. This is not a grueling, unrewarding detox fad; the Spring Detox Project is a gift your body will love.

Your month-long program kicks off on Tuesday 4 October and includes a new and exclusive Passion Projects 28-day detox guide, created especially for AGOGA, plus over 100 sachets of Passion Projects’ award-winning vegan superfood supplements (including pea protein, complex greens and triple greens), and the ongoing support of teams AGOGA and Passion Projects.

This is the perfect opportunity to cleanse your body, optimise performance in all your daily activities and achieve your spring body/athletic goals, from muscle definition and fat loss, to having the focus and stamina to progress in your physical training. With a retail value of over $600, we’re thrilled to exclusively offer the Spring Detox Project to our AGOGA community for only $299. This is a one-time offer and you need to be all signed up by Wednesday 28 September to participate.

Like where this is going? Find out more (and book!) right here 🙂

MINDSET: Vee is the master of dropping-out

Vee’s current life focus is decluttering. This week she turned her attention to simplifying her digital lyfe (yes, it’s spelt ‘lyfe‘) by unsubscribing from all unnecessary emails from websites and services that don’t interest her anymore. The secret is to use; these guys help identify your subscription emails and neatly list them for you to either continuing enjoying or with one click BAM… and the subscription is gone!

Thanks for reading Agogians! Have a fantastic weekend, and we’ll see you in the studio.

Nic Mendoza-Jones

Nic is AGOGA’s functional strength specialist. He’s known for his obsessive research (comes from being an ex lawyer) and self-experimentation with innovative and alternative training methods including kettlebells, Indian clubs and ‘gada’ steel maces.

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