Functional Training Foundations

Are you a Personal Trainer or Group Fitness Instructor looking to learn what functional training is actually all about?


The aim of Functional Training Foundations is to help you develop a core understanding and knowledge around the principles and techniques that are essential for improving your clients’ movement patterns in a one-on-one or group training environment.

What you’ll receive

  1. Formal certification from AGOGA Bondi
  2. 6 CEC points (you must have a Certificate IV in Fitness or equivalent to attain Fitness Australia CECs)

What you’ll learn

You’ll learn how to correctly use different exercises to develop challenging, enjoyable and effective training sessions to help your clients improve their dynamic posture and stability, leading to the development of correct movement patterns.

You’ll learn how to correctly and safely perform a variety of functional training exercises, using three key pieces of equipment and will learn how to utilise these training tools to create world class exercise programs.

You will also learn to safely instruct and correct technique for the exercises in a one-on-one or group training environment so you can walk away confident that you know what you’re talking about.

After completing the course you’ll be able to

  1. Explain and apply the principles of functional training
  2. Develop a basic functional training program for clients with no injuries or disabilities
  3. Perform, demonstrate and teach the following exercises and recognise/correct dysfunctions:

Cable systems

  • Pull and combinations
  • Push and combinations
  • Torso rotation and combinations

Suspension Systems

  • Squat and variations
  • Pull and variations
  • Push and variations
  • Core exercises


  • Lower body exercises
  • Upper body exercises
  • Core exercises


$295 (inc GST)

Course Dates

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About Your Trainer

veronika-larisova-profileOriginally from Czech Republic, Veronika studied Human Movement (Sport and Exercise Science) at the Queensland University of Technology. As a Personal Trainer and Exercise Physiologist her experience includes the Gold Coast United soccer team, Gold Coast Hospital, Acceleration Australia and Rehab MX. She is also a Lecturer and tutor at the Australian College of Sports and Fitness.

Other qualifications include Accredited Exercise Physiologist (Exercise and Sport Science Australia), certified Functional Patterns Human Foundations practitioner, Strength and Conditioning Coach Level 2 (The Australian Strength and Conditioning Association), Sports Coach Level 1 (Sports Medicine Australia), Certificates III and IV in Fitness, Certified Crank It Trainer, MMAXFIT instructor, Climbing Instructor (Artificial Surfaces) and Accredited Cardiac Scientist/Technician.