Health and Fitness Consultations

If you’re new to training or want to go beyond just “working out”, we highly recommend starting with a Health and Fitness Consultation to make sure you are heading in the right direction.

Studies have shown that the right nutrition, combined with the right exercise, can achieve results 4 times better than exercise alone so this is a great way to ensure you’re getting the most from all your hard work.

Why you might need a health and fitness consultation

  • If you’re new to exercise and don’t know where to start
  • If you need a kick start with your training
  • If you’re working hard at training but not getting results
  • If you have specific body goals (e.g. wedding, holiday, health reasons) and want a plan to reach them
  • You train a lot but want to learn more about how nutrition and lifestyle can help
  • If you’re an athlete training for a specific sport
  • You’re in need of specific rehabilitation or body shaping

What you get

Health and Fitness Consultations comprise of a minimum of two sessions – an initial consultation and your follow up after approximately four weeks.

Initial Consultation
Here we do your measurements, including measuring your body fat percentage and a fitness assessment. This is to create a baseline to measure your progress. We also go through:

  • Nutritional screening and guidance
  • Lifestyle screen and guidance
  • Specific training guidance
  • Goal setting

Follow-Up Consultation
You can choose between either a four week follow up appointment or a programming session. A programming session is a good option if you’re doing home/self guided workouts, have more specific training goals outside of classes or are looking to re-balance poor structure and movement.

What Health and Fitness Consultations are not

Please note that Health and Fitness Consultations are not:

  • Doctors appointments
  • Nutrition only (this is a large element, but is incorporated within the consult)
  • Physio specific (if you have limitations from unknown injuries please see your physio before hand so we can work together to correct these)

How much is it?

Health and Fitness Consultations are $240 (inc GST) which includes 2 sessions.

Please contact us for more information or to make an appointment. Gift certificates available.