New Year Fat Blasting Interval Workout

cb-foreshore-27-630x420Ever wonder where fat goes when it leaves your body? According to global healthcare knowledge provider BMJ, science tells us that about 84% of it is converted and excreted as carbon dioxide, via your lungs, with the remaining 16% being converted to water and released via sweat or urine.

That means to burn fat, you’ve gotta work up a sweat and get some serious huffing and puffing done while you’re at it!

So if you spent the summer holidays eating, drinking and lying around on the beach (lucky you!) and your metabolism now requires a good, swift kick up the butt, we’ve got just the thing.

Today’s blog is a simple New Year’s gift from AGOGA to you – a fast-paced cardio/interval session you can do just about anywhere that will make you feel good… maybe even GREAT.

Print this page, head to the gym or your local park and get ready for…




What to do:

Simply complete the following list, no thinking required.


What you’ll need:

An oval or treadmill, a skipping rope and perhaps a rowing machine or a few weights – even a resistance band will do! But even if you ain’t got any of that, this is still totally, 100% smashable ;)

  • 300m Sprint
  • 50 Bodyweight Squats
  • 300m Sprint
  • 50 Lunge Jumps (Single-Count)

Rest for 3 minutes

  • 250m Sprint
  • 100 Skip-Rope Jumps or 100 Side-to-Side Jumps
  • 250m Sprint
  • 100 Bicycle Crunches

Rest for 3 minutes

  • 200m Sprint
  • 50 Transverse Mountain Climbers (knee to opposite elbow)
  • 200m Sprint
  • 50 Russian Twists (bodyweight or use a medicine ball)

Rest for 3 minutes

  • 150m Sprint
  • 100 light-weight Rows; choose to use cables, resistance bands, dumbbells, your own bodyweight, or even better, the Erg (indoor rower) and count out 100 strokes
  • 150m Sprint
  • 100 seconds of Chest-to-Floor Burpees (goal = 30 reps)



Libby Babet

Libby is the founder of AGOGA. She is also the new trainer for Channel TEN’s "The Biggest Loser: Transformed," fitness expert for Women’s Fitness Magazine and 'entertrainer’ for the Hit Network. Libby also founded BUF Girls and Chief Bar.

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