We are absolutely committed to delighting our customers and ask for regular feedback to make sure this happens. The following comments have been submitted by our customers and, in the interest of transparency, no unfavorable comments have been removed.




Stephanie R.

Great atmosphere, great trainers, convenient location, tough workout!


Steve M.

The trainers and programming are top notch! Great place to train…


Scott K.

The classes are always challenging and different every single time. Even tough for a Personal Trainer.


Bryan R. 

Agoga is changing the game in terms of personal fitness. They have the best trainers and tough sessions, leveraging the latest fitness thinking…in order to get results.


Nicola G

Hard, well thought out classes.


Emma W. 

The trainers, they make it fun yet challenging. No lock in plan and flexible if you need to miss a week.


Sarah B.

Good hard workout, no time wasting.


Cass H. 

Every class is different and challenging. Trainers are very attentive.


Gabrielle W. 

The complex movements get results. The community that you guys have built is great.


Dana F. 

Insane QUICK workouts by insane trainers that make your fat go bye-bye.


Jordan T. 

It’s local, it’s friendly, it’s easy to use, easy to access, run by an incredible and inspiring group of people that are always more than happy to help you be the best you.


Allison N.

Great team of trainers friendly service, always different.


Matt J.

Everything from the trainers, to each session! Every week is different and there is always a class to suit your style or needs. Trainers are super helpful, and extremely experienced. It’s a very friendly environment! Could not recommend these guys any higher.


Natasha L.

Friendly staff, unique gym, music.


Katie P. 

I honestly tell everyone I know how much I’m loving each and every session!! I feel I can push myself harder and harder with each class. Everyone of the trainer’s is totally unique in their approach and yet you all seem to have the same passion and drive which is infectious. One of my girlfriends has just joined Bottoms Up and she’s having a ball!! Agoga is exactly what I have been looking for, I feel like an athlete again….. Thank you;)


Andy C. 

Convenience and great support from all the guys. If I wasn’t scheduled to get up each corning I would be fat and lazy!!


Micaela C. 

Inspiring + fun atmosphere whilst also feel like I am getting a good workout!


Bessie Q. 

Love the carefully crafted, targeted workouts that are ever changing to keep us interested and motivated! And they actually work! I’ve already noticed results after only a couple of weeks. Really friendly staff too πŸ™‚


Renae B. 

I like that the classes are always different. You care about technique. You are interested in creating strong healthy bodies – not just repetitive moves and keep up with latest research, fitness trends, etc.


Kerrie O.

Your exciting and results driven classes, excellent service with a smile, clean environment.


Tracey P. 

Varied tough training sessions targeted at specific goals- building lean muscle mass etc. Great encouraging trainers and lots of variety in whats offered to choose from.


Katie G. 

Friendly people, excellent timetable, very efficient workouts.


Amy H. 

Classes cater for all fitness levels and all the staff encourage everyone to reach their goals.


Cassie T. 

Small group classes run by people who know the difference between safe and unsafe methods mean I got as good a workout with Agoga as I get with a one-on-one personal trainer. They smashed me and I loved it!


Kathleen P.

Friendly, professional, fantastic trainers, this is the fittest I’ve ever been…. Nothing bad to say!!!


Jessie A.

Friendly very professional staff, who are really helpful to beginners πŸ™‚ I like the gym lessons because they are fun and well thought through. I also feel that it is very organised, which is another positive.


Stephen M. 

Functional training is the best type of training possible.


Jennifer T. 

AGOGA pushes me way out of my comfort zone (this is a good thing!) as I mostly would not train as hard on my own on a regular basis. The classes are constantly changing so there’s lots of variety and with consistency teamed with hard work I am definitely seeing great results.


Fiona C.

The AGOGA team is hands-on, friendly and down-to-earth. Their sessions always focus on working with each other within the group. So with their training approach and their awesome team put together, they have built a fantastic community where everyone trains hard but most importantly enjoys every bit of it! If we ever have any questions or need to change something, nothing is a problem. The AGOGA team always has time for each and every client. We love it! πŸ™‚


Julie R.

I have never enjoyed exercise like I do now and I don’t think anyone has ever pushed me this hard. I have lost weight, centimeters and for the first time ever in my life, I have started to enjoy running. I love Agoga!


Leana V.

Always such amazing new techniques and great trainers who deliver their passion for what they do to every single person in the room…. Honestly best place ever!!!!


Sue P. 

I really like the smaller group session arrangement. I also like the trainers commitment.


Cynthia A. 

Attention to detail with every client. State of the Art Facilities. Offer Engaging classes. Nutrition Advice. Results Driven.


Jenna M.

Fun, pushes me hard, always different and exciting.


Noa R.

Intensity and variety of classes as well as the functional movements chosen.


Pru M. 

The AGOGA team are friendly, encouraging; and passionate about health and fitness. A great environment to work-out in, and an awesome start to the busy day ahead.


Chantal S.

You guys are always helpful in any questions that i needed to ask & you all seem to know what your talking about.


Tori T. 

Awesome group of trainers, different classes each week. Easy to book & cancel online.


Rob S.

Trainers are uber friendly, great variety of classes that I can fit around my busy life, and I’m constantly challenged EVERY time I go. Plus, as a bit of a geek I love Agoga’s mobile app!


Ellie N. 

Friendly staff, great customer service. No joining fee, can put your membership on hold anytime you want. Trainers really push you to do your best, help you learn the best technique. Have plenty of time for you if you ask them questions. Lots of different classes available. All with loads of detail.Website is amazing how you can just purchase classes when you feel like it.


June C. 

Plenty of classes, interesting workouts and great results πŸ™‚


Megan B. 

The personal attention in the the class, the variety in the classes each week. The friendly atmosphere and camaraderie.


Joanna R. 

The trainers are exceptional! Friendly, fun, inspiring and motivating. My fitness has made a massive step-change since I joined.


Fiona C

I just measured my calf skinfold. Since training with AGOGA, my calf fold has dropped nearly 3mm. We have trained 4 full weeks with you, into our 5th now. So that’s 3mm in 4 weeks! To give you a comparison, my calf fold over the past YEAR (and a little), before starting with AGOGA, only dropped 1.5mm… so 1.5mm in 58wks. My previous training had been power yoga and running. My nutrition hasn’t changed in the past 4 weeks. So it really goes to show that HIIT [High Intensity Interval Training] and metabolic conditioning (the style of training you need someone to push you to do rather than self motivate) has a significant positive effect on growth hormone (one hormone by body isn’t great with).


Jacquie B 

All staff are knowledgeable, motivating and approachable.