Summer Sand Workout

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OK so the sun is out, the weather’s sweet, holidays are on the horizon and all you can think is BEACH TIME!! But you also know you need to workout. The solution? Hit the sand with my ultimate simple (but smashing) DIY sand session!

Just start at the top of this list and work your way down to the killer finisher. Remember to apply your sunscreen and bring a towel so you can take a dip afterwards 😉

Libby’s Simple-Smashing Sand Workout

  • 10 x (per leg) Walking Lunges with Torso Twist (over front leg)
  • 10 x Fist Push-Ups (literally push-ups on your fists instead of with flat hands)
  • 8 x (per leg) Walking Lunges
  • 8 x Fist Push-Ups
  • Now 6 of each, 4 of each and finally 2 of each exercise

  • 10 x Squats + 10 x Squat Jumps
  • 10 x Crunches + 10 x Slow Bicycle Crunches
  • 8 x Squats + 8 x Squat Jumps
  • 8 x Crunches + 8 x Slow Bicycle Crunches
  • Now 6 of each, 4 of each and finally 2 of each exercise

  • 10 x 10m Shuttle Runs
  • 10 x (per leg) 1-leg Hip Raises
  • 8 x 10m Shuttle Runs
  • 8 x (per leg) 1-leg Hip Raises
  • Now 6 of each, 4 of each and finally 2 of each exercise


  • 10 x rounds of: 5 Star Jumps + 1 Chest-to-Floor Burpees
  • 10 x Compound Crunch to Russian Twist Left-Right
  • 10 x 10m Lateral Shuttle Runs (sideways!)

*either finish there, or if you’re still full of beans, do 8 of each, 6, 4, 2!

P.S. If you’re struggling to find the motivation to get yourself through this workout, for our Bondi crew – we now have Wednesday morning sand sessions in the form of a half-hour 4×4 with Justin Alexander. It’s on the timetable, so jump online and give it a go!

Libby Babet

Libby is the founder of AGOGA. She is also the new trainer for Channel TEN’s "The Biggest Loser: Transformed," fitness expert for Women’s Fitness Magazine and 'entertrainer’ for the Hit Network. Libby also founded BUF Girls and Chief Bar.

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