Top 10 Nutrition Talk Takeaways + Fit In Feb Programs

There were some seriously interesting discussion points and questions that came up at our nutrition talk last week. Here’s a quick summary about what your coaches have tried, tested, loved and not-really-loved over the years.

Also a quick reminder to get involved in our Fit in Feb programs! If you’re keen to learn more about nutrition or just need a bit of an intensive kick in the butt, join one of our 5-week transformation programs kicking off on February 16th. Booking closes 4pm Monday 8 Feb!


1. Eat real food & limit processed sh*t

This basically means most of your diet is coming from one-ingredient foods (e.g. broccoli, egg, apple, piece of chicken or fish) and not packaged options with complicated ingredients list and added preservatives/thickeners/chemicals/oils.


2. Own your shopping

Love your weekly shopping trip. Literally change your language from, “I need to do the shopping” to, “I can’t wait to go shopping and plan my week”. We’re really lucky to have so many awesome, healthy options on our doorstep and it’s a privilege to be able to choose what you put in your body. Preparation and knowing what you have in your cupboard/fridge to work with at the end of a busy day can mean the difference between fuelling your body with something awesome, or reaching for takeaway.


3. Avoid man-made trans fats. Like, all of them

The food industry often adds hydrogen to unsaturated vegetable fats to create a new breed of man-made fat called ‘trans fat’. The human body not only doesn’t need this kind of fat, it can’t process it effectively at all, meaning it stays in the body for way longer than it should and does a lot of damage. Anything deep fried (yes including hot chips, sorry), most donuts, a lot of commercially baked and/or packaged foods like biscuits, crisps and long-life products fall into this category. The ‘never eat me if you can help it’ category, that is.


4. Match your portion sizes to your goals

Want to get smaller? Cut your portions a little. Want to get bigger? You know what to do. Green vegetables don’t fit into this discussion, you can eat as many of them as you like!


5. Veggies & H2O are King & Queen

Eat more vegetables. Drink more water. Word.


6. Customise your pre & post workout nutrition

There are no rules here for your everyday training, experiment to see what works for you, and don’t get too stressed about it. If you can’t stomach food before training, don’t force it! If you need something in your stomach before you workout, go for it! As a basic rule, if you’re doing heavy strength work it will probably help to have a bit of fuel in your body and if you have weight loss goals, doing a little cardio first thing in the morning when you’re fasted can help. Definitely sip on some water before/during/after training and if you’re a coffee lover, pre-workout is the perfect time for that short black.


7. Sugar ain’t sweet

No matter what your goals are, sugar won’t help you reach them. Cut down, cut down, cut down.


8. Experiment with different nutrition and training approaches

One size certainly doesn’t fit all. Genetics and personality each play a part and what works for you might not necessarily work for your family, let alone your mates! Stay curious, always. Keep experimenting, but make sure you give each experiment enough dedication and time to validate it, or decide it’s not for you.


9. What a ‘good cheat day’ looks like

If you’re on a program that has you being strict with your diet most days of the week and ‘cheating’ 1-2 days or even just 1-2 meals per week, make sure your cheats are still made up of healthy food that won’t sabotage your progress. For example, a box of hot chips will set you back a long way, whereas some rice, quality dark chocolate, a homemade pizza or a few luxe pieces of sourdough toast with your eggs are the perfect ‘cheat’.


10. Intermittent fasting 101

It’s not for everyone, but it can work wonders for some. Men particularly, it seems. If you want to dip your toe in the IF waters, start with a simple 16:8 – that’s fasting for 16 hours a day and eating within an 8-hour window. If that’s still too much, try just leaving 12 hours between dinner and breakfast.


BONUS POINT: Know your food combos to reduce digestive discomfort

  • Vegetables/salads + fats = great
  • Vegetables/salads + proteins = great
  • Vegetables/salads + starches = great
  • Fats/good oils + protein = great
  • Protein + starches (rice/potato/pasta) = not good at all
  • Fruit = eat alone or with a few nuts
  • Fruit = don’t combine sweet fruits (banana/date/raisins) with other fruits (apples/grapes/berries/citrus)
  • Melon = digests faster than anything else, so always eat alone
  • Combining fruit/veggies = no more than 4-6 varieties in one meal


Fit in Feb Programs

Join Vee or Justin for one of our Fit in Feb programs. We’re excited to buddy up with the amazing team at Fit and Fresh Australia for a unique 30-day challenge designed to educate you and give you a little detox so you finish out this hot Aussie summer in your finest form yet. Booking closes 4pm Monday 8 Feb!


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3 thoughts on “Top 10 Nutrition Talk Takeaways + Fit In Feb Programs

  1. An excellent list Libby yet why do so many people have so much trouble.? I look at the obesity problems around the world today and your #1 comment comes to mind straight away. But how did we get this way in such a short period of time. It has virtually all happened in my short lifetime. But then there were no Maccas etc when I was a kid and Mum and Grandma used real food when they cooked. Not rocket science is it? Kids and young people today eat and exercise based on the examples set by the previous generations.

  2. P.S. I am really disappointed cheat day (#9) didn’t include a nice big slab of pork belly with crackling to die for 🙂
    Cheers – John F

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