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Inspired by the training programs of world class athletes, AGOGA’s science-based workouts have each been designed to achieve different physical goals. Every two weeks we shake up the timetable to help you challenge yourself in different ways and give your body a truly balanced workout. By mixing up your routine, your mind will stay engaged and your body will keep growing stronger, leaner and faster. 

Also to compliment your training we provide Vinyasa style Yoga classes to lengthen the muscles and stretch out for active recovery between sessions.


Increase heart health with steady state cardio

Designed to burn some serious energy, our full body conditioning class combines high-rep low-weight resistance with endurance-focused aerobic intervals and active recovery to blast through over 700 calories per session.

REPS/WEIGHT: High repetition, light weights, full body
EXERCISES: Multi-plane movement using cables, TRX, free weights, treadmills, bike and rower


High intensity intervals to develop speed, agility and quickness

Combining explosive resistance work, plyometrics and high intensity conditioning intervals with agility drills and recovery, this explosive class amps up your metabolism for hours post-workout - PLUS, it promotes power, balance, coordination and joint stability.

REPS/WEIGHT:  Explosive resistance, plyometric and bodyweight
EXERCISES: Fast-paced circuits using bike, treadmills, rower, med balls, TRX, BOSU and more


A compliment of strength training with high intensity cardio

Work through all of your energy systems to build strength, promote maximum fat burn and develop athletic performance. Be challenged by 1 minute of plyometrics, 7mins of strength work, 15mins of cardio, 7mins more strength and 1 final minute of plyo.

EXERCISES: Full body, advanced movement patterns using a variety of equipment


High intensity interval training + progressive mobility

5 stations, 5 rounds – this is high intensity training at its best! This 50-minute session will have you moving non-stop through a challenging strength and conditioning circuit to increase metabolic fitness and athleticism while testing your mental fortitude. Now including a progressive mobility cool down.

REPS/WEIGHT: A mixture of strength protocols and conditioning movements
EXERCISES: Resistance exercises using dumbbells, kettlebells, TRX, bodyweight (and more!) coupled with speedy metabolic stations


Glute strength + core engagement

Kick A** a serious 50 minute class focussing on two main areas: increasing glute strength and improved core engagement...that means less cardio. A dedicated focus on resistance based training. Think 'Stronger session for my glutes, legs and core.' You won't be disappointed.

REPS/WEIGHT:  A mixture of strength protocols and conditioning movements
EXERCISES:  Resistance exercises using dumbbells, kettlebells, resistance bands and bodyweight


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With over 50 studio classes a week, AGOGAs timetable includes a variety of strength workouts, high intensity intervals and yoga. We help tailor your routine and weekly training to get the most out of your sessions to reach your health and fitness goals faster.

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