Train like an athlete

Personalised coaching in a small group gym environment in Bondi.

Combining functional movement patterns with high intensity interval training to create natural, symmetrical bodies – strong, lean, and mobile.

No judgement, all heart, no ego. 


pronunciation / AH-GO-JYAH /

Spartan word for the education and training regimen used to create “a class of warrior citizens” – strong of mind, unflinchingly loyal and physically unmatched.



Based in Sydney’s beautiful Bondi, AGOGA has been the Eastern Suburbs’ health, fitness and energy hub since 2012. 

Whether it’s Small Group Training classes, one-to-one Personal Coaching or Open Gym we’ve got you covered.

Our training ethos is simple. We Train Like Athletes.

A professional athlete’s approach to training includes more than just ‘going hard at the gym’. They have a team of experts monitoring their training intensity to minimise risk of injury, so they can maximise their performance and are regularly assessed to provide feedback on their progress. None of this is possible without a comprehensive nutrition plan and quality rest to help aid recovery.
Based on these essential qualities for high performing athletes, we have created the AGOGA ‘5 key principles’ for high performance training…


Understanding the importance of a flexible mobile body to improve posture and day to day movement is our point of difference. We are here to help you unleash your inner athlete and get you looking and feeling 100% ready for the beach, family life or taking on the world!



With a strong focus on form, technique and science based training, our team of highly qualified Bondi based coaches are passionate to help you look your best and feel incredible.


For those looking for an increased level of specialised service in dealing with weight loss, injury prevention or goal setting for a specific event we offer a range of small group training options to suit your busy schedule.


Our training methods are based on athletic scientific methods and classes change every fortnight to challenge you to be stronger, leaner and faster, both physically and mentally.


Our super-supportive local community of busy professionals, mums, dads and Bondi locals packed with positive vibes and loads of fun. Join our Bondi gym community!


With over 50 classes a week, fitness challenges and seasonal outdoor sessions there is always something new to keep you motivated and getting results.



Personal Coaching

For those looking for an increased level of specialised service in dealing with weight loss, injury prevention or goal setting for a specific event. We offer tailored Personal Coaching and Health Consultations for individuals, groups and corporate teams available at our Bondi gym or on location.


With over 50 classes per week we have a variety of 50min group training options to fit around your busy work, family and social commitments. (Maximum gym capacity of 16 per class). With additional seasonal outdoor boxing, beach sessions and running club. We also offer Open Gym sessions to workout in your own time.

Special EVENTs

A team that works out together performs better! We create multiple indoor and outdoor team events to ensure our members are always challenged. From special addition events ie. Live like an athlete Performance Programs, Australia Day, Valentine’s Day, indoor triathlons and adventure trips ie; canyoning, abseiling and running camps, there’s always an event to suit our AGOGIANs.



With over 50 studio classes a week in Bondi, AGOGA offers a variety of strength, high intensity intervals and mobility. We help tailor your routine and weekly training to get the most out of your sessions to reach your health and fitness goals faster. Includes access to Open Gym sessions.

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