Performance Program

we love our agogian members!

There is another level within our Bondi gym community that exists for those that commit to their training week in, week out.  A level we see as ‘a cut above the rest’.

That’s our Unlimited memberships. We see our Unlimited members as the gold standard in training. It’s why we encourage all our casual members to aspire to this level of commitment.

Frequency and consistency with your training is the secret sauce to crushing your goals. When you love what you do, you want to do it all the time.  At AGOGA, we want you to love your training.

Our aim is simple.  We will provide you with structure, education, tools and high end coaching to ensure you smash your goals!

The AGOGA PERFORMANCE PROGRAM will help you define your goals and ensure you keep track of your progress.  Designed by our team of expert coaches, you also receive:

  • a deep dive into the importance of a structured nutrition plan, rest and recovery, injury prevention and measurement and evaluation
  • 4 x ’10 week’ progressive training cycles per year
  • 5 x dedicated progress’ weeks (or testing weeks) to record your ongoing performance throughout the year
  • body composition tracking 
  • exclusive Coach support via members only WhatsApp group
  • exclusive invites to regular workshops and seminars held by our coaching staff and Bondi local experts
  • exclusive community partner discounts, and
  • your chance to have your name recorded on the ‘Wall of Fame’ as one of our TOP 8 Stronger, Leaner, or Faster AGOGIAN’s of the year!
Agoga Performance Program
Performance program training
kettlebell training

how does the performance program work?

Successful goals start with a strong mindset. Creating structure to your approach in training is where you start to understand the ‘how’ to your journey. We will support your goals by leaning out what doesn’t work and keep you accountable:

  • Know where you are today – set a baseline
  • Know what you want – establish a goal
  • Know when you want it by – set a date
  • Be ‘unflinchingly loyal’ to the process

The process we follow at AGOGA is known as the five phases of progression:

  • Phase 1 – Foundational strength
  • Phase 2 – Functional strength
  • Phase 3 – Relative strength
  • Phase 4 – Dense strength
  • Phase 5 – Deload

From Phase 1 ‘Foundational Strength’ we will assess the body’s limitations and instabilities to enable us to mobilise areas of the body that require a greater range of motion and strengthen areas that require increased stabilisation.

From the elite to the everyday athlete, the promise is the same, using the five phases of progression you will MOVE and FEEL better with increased:

performance training

With support from the AGOGIAN Tribe and community partners:

The AGOGA PERFORMANCE PROGRAM runs throughout the year – you can join at anytime and commit to one cycle or turn the idea of a ’10 week program’ into an ongoing healthy lifestyle.

Hear what the past live like an athlete members have to say?

testimonials from the performance program

Are you ready to take the challenge? Investment in your health and fitness is $82 per week for 10 weeks.

(all inclusive to existing Unlimited members)