New years resolutions. Why do we always promise ourselves we will eat better, or stop smoking or join a gym at the beginning of every year? The answer has a lot of merit. It's because the beginning of every year creates a new start in our minds. The beginning of something once again. It's a ... read more
Working in the fitness industry for as long as I have, there's one comment I hear above all others. "I've been thinking about joining AGOGA but I don't think I'm fit enough." It's funny. Even writing this sentence down now, it sounds contradictory in nature. And always makes me smile. The one place you go to, to ... read more
It’s hard enough to keep away from temptation throughout the year without the barrage of work parties and Christmas drinks with friends and family over the coming few weeks. Like we needed an excuse before! So how do you get through December and January without undoing all the good work you’ve done all year? Here’s a couple ... read more



With over 50 studio classes a week, AGOGAs timetable includes strength workouts, high intensity intervals, ab & butt-toning workouts and yoga. We help tailor your routine and weekly training to get the most out of your sessions to reach your health and fitness goals faster.

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