Small Group Training

With over 40 classes a week in studio and live streaming we have a variety of 30 and 50min group training options to fit around your busy work, family and social commitments. Maximum studio capacity of 14 per class.

Small group training


No borders…access LIVE streaming classes anywhere in the world, streamed to the comfort of your home or grab a spot outdoors. Live Coach support to keep you accountable and motivated, and stay connected with a super supportive and fun community! 

AGOGA Kids Club

A mix of LIVE engaging, interactive and entertaining fitness workouts that will test kids of all ages (6+ years).  With LIVE Coach support we focus on basic strength moves from squats to push ups and fun weekly challenges to be completed in your very own lounge rooms or backyards!

30min LIVE classes throughout School Holidays… it’s time to jump in and join… the AGOGA Kids Club!!

Kids club - kids fitness
Training services


For those looking for an increased level of specialised service in dealing with weight loss, injury prevention or goal setting for a specific event.

We offer tailored Personal Coaching and Health Consultations for individuals, groups and corporate teams.

Special events

A team that works out together performs better! We create multiple indoor and outdoor team events to ensure our members are always challenged. From special addition events ie. Australia Day, Valentine’s Day, 8 week challenges, to overnight running camps, there’s always an event to suit our AGOGIANs.

run club



With over 50 studio classes a week in Bondi, AGOGA offers a variety of strength, high intensity intervals and mobility. We help tailor your routine and weekly training to get the most out of your sessions to reach your health and fitness goals faster. Includes access to Open Gym sessions.

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