5 Tips to Prepare for Hyrox, and How AGOGA Can Help

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1.⁠ ⁠Most people don’t realise that Hyrox is primarily a running event
Hyrox is a fitness race, combining both running & functional workout stations. You’ll be running 8k in total, whether you go individual or in pairs. If you’re in pairs, because some of the stations (wall balls, sled push and sled pull) are so short, running could make up as much as 80% of your effort on the day. Use low intensity, high volume aerobic endurance efforts (otherwise known as zone2) to build your aerobic base. A good start would be 2 x 10-15k runs per week, at a pace you can still hold a conversation. Look in the schedule to book onto the next Agoga run club!
2.⁠ ⁠Being a good runner alone is not enough
Because Hyrox mixes 1k runs with high intensity exercise stations, your body needs to be able to go from max effort lifting/pushing straight into running. This is called compromised running, and pushes the body to remove lactic acid quickly and utilise the aerobic system (built up in point 1) for as long as possible. For this, classes like Signature, Leaner and Faster are great. You want to get your legs used to running under heavy fatigue (I’m probably not selling Hyrox here, am I…)
3.⁠ ⁠Figure out your weak spots NOW
With the Sydney event at the end of July 2024, you’ve got a good few months to get yourself ready. Take a look at the event you’ll be doing, the weights you’ll need to lift and make a list of what scares you vs. what excites you. The ones that scare you are where you’ll need to focus your efforts. You might be a great runner, but you know that you’ll struggle with the grip on the farmers carry. This tells you that grip strength should be a focus.
4.⁠ ⁠Start to work on your strategy
You can expect to be working close to max capacity for 60-90 minutes in a Hyrox event. If you get your pacing wrong and blow up early doors, you can easily add 15 to 20 minutes onto your time. If you’re an individual, have a target run pace in mind. For the stations such as the rower, you should know what split you can easily hold under fatigue (leaner is great for this). If you’re in pairs, consider who is strongest/weakest on different stations, and try to get your running fitness as close together as possible. You should know how you’re splitting up the stations before you arrive at the race, but this might change on the day depending on fatigue.
5.⁠ ⁠Utilise all that’s on offer at Agoga!
Leaner – fantastic for building an aerobic base. I would supplement this with at least 1 run club per week (or maybe your own long distance run) if aerobic capacity is your focus.
Faster – if you feel like you’re fit enough, but you’re lacking some explosiveness, and are worried about the weight of the sleds, or being able to get the wall balls high enough, Faster is going to be great for you.
Signature – in Sig we move from heavy strength straight into cardio for a reason. This fatigues your nervous system, builds a level of lactic acid and then asks you to work aerobically for 15 minutes. A great way to prep for Hyrox.
AND FINALLY… keep your eyes peeled for specific sessions coming up on the timetable.
If you feel like you’re ready to start, join now via our 10 day intro.
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Written by Coach Will