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So why is this important? I get asked this question and many others like it, quite often so here are five FAQ’s to help you understand the AGOGIAN Way:
1. What is ‘Progress Week’?
The progress weeks are designed to give everyone the chance to do two things. 1-  “check-in” with their training goals, and 2 – If it’s your first time, use the data to establish a goal to work towards.
2. Is it every class over the 2 weeks?
No it isn’t. Only the Stronger, Leaner and Faster sessions are used to measure and evaluate progress. And even then, only half the Leaner and Faster sessions are ‘measured’ over the two weeks. Meaning you can attend multiple sessions over this period and only be measured on the highlighted sessions in the timetable.
3. What if I don’t want to be recorded?
That’s 100% fine 🙂 Everyone’s goals are different. For some, coming to AGOGA ‘IS’ the goal. However we will always look to provide the highest level of coaching and support for those that want it. One of the key principles at AGOGA is measurement and evaluation. Unlike other gyms that ask members to pay a premium for what they might call an ‘extra service’, at AGOGA, we believe that it should be part of your weekly unlimited membership. Otherwise, what does ‘unlimited’ even mean!?!
4. Is the AGOGA progress week a good time to join the $69 intro offer? 
To be completely honest with you, there is no better time. Not only do the coaching staff focus on your posture, technique and proper execution of your exercises, they record your baseline results. No matter what your goal, this is where it all begins.
5. Why did you introduce the Progress weeks? 
Because without them, training becomes monotonous and boring. Sure it’s great for a while but eventually and inevitably, you’ll start looking for something else. Hoping that a new environment will shake things up. AGOGA looks to challenge you. We get you to ask what your ‘WHY’ is. Some people are adrenaline junkies, chasing the next crazy outdoor event, while others simply look to maintain a consistent weekly attendance to reduce stress and feel good about themselves.
Whatever the goal (and there’s always a goal), AGOGA will ensure you achieve it.
How to prepare for AGOGA Progress week. 
As we approach the next ‘Progress Week’ (every 10 weeks), you should start to think about how your training will benefit your sessions next week.
Stronger / Leaner / Faster are the 3 training modalities that are measured. We recommend tapering in each of these sessions to ensure the body is in prime condition (fully rested) to allow for the best outcome next week. Eg. Stronger sessions the week prior should hold the same tempo but consider using 60%-70% maximal weight in every session.
If you’re unsure, always check in with your coaches, we’re here for you.
Written by Coach John