Joining a gym. Overcoming that first step

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I remember the first time I joined a gym. Back in my home town of Adelaide. I remember the gym membership came with a 1:1 orientation of the gym facilities (weights room, circuit room, yoga room). It also came with a basic weights program to get me started. That was it.

One of the first machines I remember using was a seated leg press. Looked like a pretty intuitive machine to use. Sit on the seat. Put your legs up on the plate-thing, and press. I didn’t notice/realise there was a handle you had to release to allow the weights to come all the way down. As I struggled and fought with this piece of machinery, I remember feeling my world close in around me, hoping and praying that people were not staring at me while I worked it all out. It never occurred to me to ask for help. I was probably too embarrassed.

It’s human nature to feel like you have to have it all figured out from the moment you walk into a gym. With comments like “I need to get fit before joining your gym”, are examples of this.

As welcoming and as personable as our coaches are, we can forget just how daunting that first step can be, for someone stepping into our studio (any studio) for the very first time. If you’re reading this and thinking, “that’s me!” I’d like to help you with that first step, with the following 3 hot tips to help you get started.

1, If you are super keen to get started but equally nervous, start with a chat. My (virtual) door is always open. And I love a coffee and a chat. Talking through your reservations can really help break down the stigma of joining a gym or studio 😊

  1. Start with some personal coaching. Just you and a coach in the studio. A great way to build up confidence.
  2. Once you’re ready, jump into a class and take your time. Every session at AGOGA can be adjusted to accommodate varying fitness levels. Just let the coach know that you’re needing to go easy, and they will take care of the rest.

If you feel like you’re ready to start at hot tip number #3, start now via our 10 day intro.

Written by Coach John