Exercising – Where to start?

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I’m writing this article off the back of the many conversations I’ve had with those struggling to know where and how to tackle their own health and fitness goals. For some, the thought of trying to lose 20kgs is just too big of an ask.

“Where do you even start?”

While there’s a number of things we need to discuss in order to help a person achieve a goal this size, the more immediate answer is quite simple and often gets overlooked.

Start at the beginning.

And no, it is not ‘oversimplifying a bigger issue’. The fact is, when we make a conscious decision to effect change for ourselves (whether it’s physical, mental, financial, or spiritual), taking a first step means everything. It may not be the right step and you may even look back on it in years to come and think it was terrible BUT, it will ultimately help make better decisions, which in turn create better results.


I find myself at fault here more than I care to admit. When you run your own business, you are two things 1. final decision maker. 2. your own worst enemy. So it’s incredibly easy to postpone making business decisions for fear of thinking…

It might go wrong
People might laugh
It might not work
It still needs work before launching it (eg, website)

The result is a permanent delay in making a decision. Also called ‘analysis paralysis’. Hell I still experience it now. Almost daily. From writing blog articles to posting on social media to live streaming my own workouts. But the reality is this…

Could I perfect a blog article by researching more about a given topic? Probably.
Could I have taken a clearer picture with a better filter before posting to Instagram? Probably. Does it matter? Not really.
Could I have added better hash tags or a better description to my post? Almost certainly.
Will people debate, disagree or argue over an opinion I share on social media? Yep! But some might agree too.

Fact is, if I sit and wait for the article to be perfect, I’ll never post it. I probably won’t even start writing it.

It’s the same with your fitness training.

While there is a high dependency on a frequent and consistent training program matched with a regulated diet in order to a achieve specific goals, this article is not about that. This about creating that spark to get you going.

Back in 2016 I made the decision to run the Alice Springs marathon with a couple of close mates. If we had procrastinated around whether we would be fit enough to run that distance, we would have never entered. Our starting point was registering for the event, then booking flights and accommodations. Once we’d spent the money, the decision was no longer based on ifs and buts, it was all about getting the job done to be as prepared as we could be for the event.

So here are my top 4 tips on how to break through those procrastination hurdles, that ultimately rob us of progress and success:

  1. Financial – (gym memberships and personal trainers are out of my budget)
    • Buy a skipping rope and take it with you on your brand new walks around the block.
  1. Geographical – (the gym is too far away)
    • Refer to point number 1.
  1. Educational – (I don’t know what to do at the gym)
    • Either invest in a Coach to get you started or find a gym or studio with recognised coaches that will provide support and structure along your journey.
  1. Motivational – (I’m useless by myself)
    • Rope in a friend to organise a weekly walk or run
    • Set a weekly target for yourself. “I will run 5kms by Friday” and stick that note up on the fridge.

If your intention is to create change with your current situation, you have to start by making a change with your daily habits. Start small. Grow gradually.

But above all… Start.

Written by Coach John