Top 20 reasons to drink beer…well the excuses

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Now that I have your attention, let’s talk about beer. In fact, let’s talk about alcohol as a whole.

It’s a little known fact that I spent a great deal of my earlier life working in the alcohol industry. Some of my finest memories come from that era and I wouldn’t change any of it. My drinking habits of course were a lot different back then. Changing industries from alcohol to fitness had a lot to do with that.

During my time in the alcohol industry, I attended my fair share of social events. Hell I even held a few. As a result, I grew to appreciate a range of different cocktails, boutique beers and even the odd glass of red. My cocktail of choice was a Negroni to cleanse the palate before dinner. An espresso martini for desert. Maybe a Tanq 10 Martini with a grapefruit twist on a night out. Or the old faithful, a Hendricks G’n’T.

Since running my own fitness business, I’ve often said, if my ‘today’ self spoke to my ‘old’ self about his drinking behaviour, there’s literally no way he would’ve listened to me. Why? Because the reasons for my behaviour back then outweighed any other reasons I had for changing. It’s why I completely understand the challenges clients face when they struggle to break old habits. Part of them wants the change, but a bigger part of them isn’t ready. And when you’re not ready, you’ll come up with any excuse you can think of to explain your habits away…

Here’s my top 20 reasons for drinking alcohol…

  1. “Everybody else can do this so why can’t I?” I give myself permission as a result of this question.
  2. “Its what I was brought up to think. At the end of the work day you have a beer.”
  3. “It could be worse. I could be eating / drinking sugary alternatives.”
  4. “It’s a social thing.”
  5. “It’s what you have with snacks.”
  6. “I enjoy it.”
  7. Supporting the local micro brewery
  8. “I’ve earn’t it” (reward for a hard days work)
  9. “It’s only one.”
  10. “I’ll just have one more.”
  11. “I enjoy a drink while I prepare dinner.”
  12. “Just clearing out the fridge. It’s the last one. I won’t buy anymore after this one.”
  13. “It was on special!”
  14. “Life’s for living.” – my all time favourite!!!!!
  15. “What am I supposed to drink if I go out with friends for dinner?”
  16. Peer pressure – “My mate’s fault, he forced me to have one.”
  17. “Just have one the trainer won’t know.”
  18. “It was low carb.”
  19. “It’s a light beer.”
  20. “I was in a round.”

The truth is these reasons (or excuses) are just that. Excuses. You know they are and yet we are all guilty of using them. Making a change to our health and fitness doesn’t happen until our day to day habits, start to change. You only get serious about change when you stop using these reasons as excuses for setbacks.

Most people enjoy a drink and there’s nothing wrong with that. But if you’re wanting to see inroads in your health and fitness – if you’re wanting to shed some kilos, don’t get caught using my top 20 🙂

Instead, set yourself a day or two in the week to have a couple of drinks. If this is a drastic change to your current weekly alcohol consumption then guess what! That’s the change you’re looking for.

Written by Coach John