How to set fitness training goals

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As the New Year begins it’s time to start getting serious about what you’d like to get out of your training. Why now? That’s easy! It usuallyĀ takes the first 2 to 3 weeks to…


1. Forget about those short lived ‘News Years resolutions’ šŸ˜Š
2. Get yourself back into a regular routine with work, family, socialĀ life, etc.


So it’s the perfect time to take a serious look at what you want to get from the new year.


And we’re here to help you set those goals and then achieveĀ all of them!


“That’s easier said than done John! Just how do you plan on guaranteeing a 100% success rate for all of my goals?”


Great question. And to answer it, I’d like to draw inspirationĀ fromĀ thoseĀ that have already been there and done that.


At AGOGA, a Bondi Gym, we live our values based around #trainlikeanathlete. No better place to start than by looking at those athletes that constantly achieve.


PickĀ any sport. Tennis, Swimming, AFL, Gymnastics. There’s always a select group of highly trained professional athletes for each discipline. And they all have theĀ same goal..
“We want to win the premiership”
“I want to win gold at the olympics”
“I want to win the Australian open”


They can’t all win gold. They can’t all win a premiership.


So what separates the gold medalists or the premiership winning teams from the others?


Let’s assume there’s a level of genetics and gifted talent for some athletes, but that only gets you so far. The athletes that win consistently, time and again and the ones that turn up.


They turn up early. Stay late. Ask questions. Have a thirst for knowledge to help give them an edge any way they can get it.


They do all this because they love it! It’s a drug for them. They haveĀ fallen in love with theĀ process. They know it’s the frequent and consistent approach to their training that gives them the best chance of success. They keep turning up!


Taking the life lessons from the highest professional achievers in sport is where we should draw our own inspiration.


So from the learnings of some of the biggest names in the sporting arena from around the world, here’s 5 steps for you to createĀ and achieve multiple goals…


1. Find the goal/s that excites you. And maybe even scares you a little bit
2. Ask yourself WHY that goal is important for you. Building a powerful ‘WHY’ helps eliminate excuses and hurdles throughout the course of your training
3. Work backwards from the goal date (reverse engineer) to create a broad training outline. Eg, how many weeks / months between now and goal date. What sort of training do you need to do each week to ensure you are ready.Ā The coaches can help you with this
4. Let your Coaches know what your goal/s are. They will help you keep accountable and motivate you throughout your journey
5. HOT TIP – Pick an athlete or team that you LOVE that’s been there and done that. If you’re already inspired by an athlete or a team, you’ll have a higher level of interest in their journey. Read about them (wikipedia). Their struggles, hurdles and their successes.


Get serious about the direction for your health and wellness this year.


What would you absolutely LOVE to achieve by theĀ end of the year? I can’t wait to see what you come up with and to help you get there.


Here’s to celebrating your best year ever!


To understand the tools we use at AGOGA on goal setting, pop down to our gym in Bondi, or for more information on setting your own goals for the upcoming Performance Program read more here
Written by Coach John