What it means to be an AGOGIAN

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Let’s start with… What’s an AGOGIAN? That’s easy. They are a valued member in our Bondi gym community. But to leave it there would be an injustice to all our wonderful members.

The community we have within AGOGA is made up of different character traits (values) that all our members display each and every day without them even realising it. It’s just who they are. Their values are the foundation of our culture.

One of the most recognised values in our AGOGIAN culture is not taking yourself too seriously. (We have a strict ‘no D***H*** policy’) 🙂

We know that everyone has their own journey to follow and we respect that. Regardless of that journey, we constantly strive to add value through education in every session, which brings me to the next two values.

  1. An openness to accept new information to grow
  2. A willingness to learn, regardless of age or level of fitness

These two values are very close to the heart of all AGOGIANs. It can feel at times you’re trying something for the first time. ‘Becoming a beginner again’. For some people they can find this quite confronting, especially later on in life, coming back from injury or pregnancy. At AGOGA our mantra is simple. You are never too old to learn something new. Whether that’s through learning how to correctly swing a kettlebell, practicing breath work to improve cardiovascular output or holding a pose in yoga.

To truly achieve an increased level of understanding through movement and nutrition, no matter what your stage. Being willing to accept and learn new information, that will enhance your cardio endurance, heart and lung health, strength, or your mobility and general movement, all while reducing your risk to injury in the short and long term, that’s what we call… AGOGIAN material.

If you’re happy to continue training as is and not open to learning new ideas, that would improve overall movement and performance, we may not be the right fit for you and that’s ok. Come on down to our Bondi gym to learn more and join the AGOGA community.

Our goal is to make you feel stronger, healthier and happier – that’s the AGOGIAN WAY!