Goal Setting – Why its crucial and how to set goals effectively

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New years resolutions. Why do we always promise ourselves we will eat better, or stop smoking or join a gym at the beginning of every year? The answer has a lot of merit. It’s because the beginning of every year creates a new start in our minds. The beginning of something once again. It’s a game we play out in our heads at the start of every year. That short window in the first week of January that holds the promise of endless possibilities and opportunity!!

This is where it all begins. Your mindset.

Everything you are today comes from a collection of your own thoughts and opinions mixed with personal experience. These experiences ultimately define your ‘here and now’ definition of what’s possible and what’s perceived as a hurdle, a challenge, or a limitation.

It’s what AGOGA calls – “Strong of Mind”

In order to begin to create anything, our resolve to succeed comes from self-belief.

Any successfully achieved goal is one that a person thoroughly and wholeheartedly believes in. This is where it starts. The ‘want’ to achieve the goal, above all other challenges and hurdles. Nothing is more important. From athletes to artists and musicians, to small business owners. When the ‘want’ is this strong, no excuse can overcome it.

When a goal is this strong, it is not considered hard work. It is not a chore. It’s something you can’t wait to start and continue doing with no thought of it ever ending. If this is starting to sound more like a lifestyle choice than a goal, you’d be right. But let’s start with the goal first.

Getting started on a new goal (be it health or fitness related) begins with the motivation to change but by itself, (motivation without a structured plan), all too often goes the way of the New Years resolution. “Something I remember saying I’d get around to once.”

Building a structure to support the strong mindset…

  • Know where you are today – Set a baseline
  • Know what you want – Establish your goal
  • Know when you want it by – Set a date
  • Trust the process

To understand the tools we use at AGOGA on goal setting and for more information on setting your own goals for the upcoming Performance Program read more here or come on down to our Bondi gym to have a chat with our team.

Written by Coach John