Getting through the festive season

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It’s hard enough to keep away from temptation throughout the year without the barrage of work parties and Christmas drinks with friends and family over the coming few weeks. Like we needed an excuse before!

So how do you get through December and January without undoing all the good work you’ve done all year?

Here’s a couple of helpful tips to keep you focused on your training while still enjoying the odd festive drink with friends.

1. Keep the fluids up. Not the alcoholic fluids!! My guess is you’ll do that anyway. I mean keep yourself hydrated with regular glasses of water each day. How much water should you be drinking? Use this equation as your guide to your daily water intake… Your weight x 0.0333. (e.g. 75kgs x 0.0333 = 2.5litres). And be sure to drink a glass a water between every alcoholic drink.

2. Portion Control. If your family is anything like mine, your Christmas dinner plate will resemble that of a person looking as though they haven’t had a good feed in Months. Despite a Mum’s desire to feed you like it’s the last meal you’ll ever eat, try serving up a little less Christmas turkey on your plate. And I’m not just limiting this to Christmas Day. There’s left-overs on Boxing Day, New Years day, the day you catch up with the relatives you missed out on seeing Christmas Day. Plenty of opportunities to go a little easier on the meal sizes.

3. Get some exercise in. Holidays is a time to spend with family and friends and for some this may mean traveling interstate (maybe not overseas just now) as you head back home. As a result your daily routine will change so those regular trips to the gym will be put on hold, at least for the short term. Don’t stress! If you’re planning on taking an extended holiday away from your normal surroundings, pack your gym gear and go for a run. Make sure it’s a light run or get active in the water. Take the time to enjoy it. Remember, you’re on holidays!

Last but not least, remember this… ‘maintenance is progress’. If you get through to the end of January and you haven’t put on any extra weight and managed to maintain your current fitness levels, consider it a win! The team here at AGOGA gym Bondi will be ready and waiting for you when you are ready to start training again.

Happy Holidays! 🙂

Written by Coach John