What we really mean when we say “I’m not fit enough”

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Working in the fitness industry for as long as I have, there’s one comment I hear above all others.

“I’ve been thinking about joining AGOGA but I don’t think I’m fit enough.”

It’s funny. Even writing this sentence down now, it sounds contradictory in nature. And always makes me smile. The one place you go to, to improve your fitness, is the one place you feel you need to ‘get fit’ before you enter.

So what are we really meaning when we say ‘I’m not fit enough’ and why is it important to understand the meaning?

Let’s start with the term itself… ‘get fit’. It’s a subjective term.

A marathon runner would commonly be referred to as fit. So would a body builder or power lifter.

But if a body builder can’t run 42.2kms or for that matter, the marathon runner unable to deadlift twice his body weight, does that mean these athletes are no longer as fit as we thought? Of course not. It simply means they are conditioned to perform (and perhaps compete) in a chosen sport or discipline. Therefore the true definition of ‘being fit’ is…

Being physically capable to perform your daily activities, as conditioned by you.

So let’s look at the average person that’s neither running long distances or perhaps not even sure what a deadlift is. If you’re a Mum out there with a newborn, you deserve a gold medal in endurance, resilience and raw dogged determination. Your fitness level to keep up with and look after a newborn is next level. I know what you’re thinking… “Yes, but that’s different.” No, it isn’t. Don’t believe me. Try leaving your baby with someone who doesn’t have kids for one day. Hell, three hours for that matter. They would be shattered, followed up with the comment, “I don’t know how you do it.” You are living proof that you are fit. Physically capable to perform daily activities, as conditioned by you.

So let’s dive a little deeper into what it is you’re really saying. And this is where we uncover real limitations. Limitations that turn into goals. And that… we can work with.

“When I said I wasn’t fit enough, what I meant was…”

  • I used to be able to run 5 kms but I haven’t for the past 12 months
  • I’ve never been shown how to use weights correctly in a gym
  • I’ve put on a few kgs and I’d like to decrease my body fat %. (We don’t say that of course. We say, “I want to lose weight” which is incorrect. You want to keep muscle mass while decreasing body fat but that’s for another day)

These examples bring me to the reason for this blog. When you’re clear on the real barriers behind joining AGOGA gym Bondi, you’re able to more accurately set some personal goals in the short, medium and long term. Then it becomes all about you and your journey. It starts to remove any fear you initially had about walking into AGOGA with other people there.

Smashing your goals is done with the help of a structured program outline, combined with an awesome support network. That’s what AGOGA provides.

To experience this first hand, join our AGOGA Performance Program. A comprehensive goal setting outline kickstarts every athlete on their journey, followed by a structured program that’s tailored to each individual. Check out more info here.

Written by Coach John